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If you’ve driven northbound up Highway 35 in Eatontown sometime over the past several months, you’ve probably noticed that the once-wooded lot between the Wendy’s and Subway restaurants had some changes happening. First, the FOR SALE sign that stood on the property for nearly 20 years was replaced with a “Coming Soon - Lube It All of Eatontown” on it. Then the lot was cleared, the foundation dug and a new building was erected, with split stone façade and three large overhead doors with the “LUBE IT ALL” sign on top. This is the new home of one of Eatontown’s best known small businesses: Lube It All of Eatontown, owned and operated by the Johnson family since 1987.

It started back then, with a simple concept: most people don’t want to change their own oil anymore. The dealerships knew this, and started marketing oil changes to their customers. At that time, Julius Johnson had headquarters in Staten Island managing his cable TV business overseeing various cable contracts throughout the United States. But he also realized that there was an opportunity to explore this developing niche in the quick turnaround oil change industry. He set off for New Jersey, looking for just the right spot to open his fi rst quick oil change business. After researching potential locations, he decided on a busy corner near the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ. There was an old gas stati on site that seemed like the perfect location for Julius’ Auto Spa franchise. Aft er 2 years of negotiation and development, the facility was retrofitted and the doors were open for customers to have their oil changed while on break from work or on

a day off.

Business slowly picked up as Julius promoted his services to the community with his dedication and commitment to provide honest and reliable service. A great future heralded. But Julius Johnson would not be around to see the success that Auto Spa (now Lube It All) would become – he passed away just nine months after the shop opened to the public, leaving no one to take over the business. It was then that his son, Adam Johnson, decided to fulfill his father’s

dream by assuming the responsibility

Now, after 25 years of hard work and dedication, Adam has built a reputation for Lube It All as a highly respected business in our local area. As Lube It All prepares to move into its brand new

locati on, with the latest technology and equipment designed to make “That 10 Minute Oil Change Place” an efficient, and environmentally-friendly facility, it will continue these traditions as the trademarks of service that its customers have come to expect and appreciate. Efficient and honest service is exactly

what you can expect from the staff atb Lube It All. Because car owners are holding on to their vehicles for a longer period of ti me than in recent years, Lube It All has become essential to car owners who value longevity for their vehicles. An oil change every 3,000 miles will ensure that the interior components of the car’s engine will operate smoothly and efficiently. Experts say that not changing your oil certainly will lead to a breakdown of your engine’s working parts.


At Lube It All, the technicians who work on your car will always alert you if something does not look right. While

Lube It All will check and fi ll all your fluids and inform you of any obvious problems, they will never try to sell you something you don’t need. That type of honest Overall Car Care is not typical of an oil and lube center, but it sits at the heart of what the Johnson family represents when you walk into their shop.

Tires are checked for proper pressures, air filters are pulled and checked, essential

fluids are checked for levels and topped off when needed and wiper blades and ti res are examined for optimal performance. If they see something wrong with your vehicle, you will be noti fi ed. They provide all grades of engine oil, from Total Chevron to Castrol to Mobil 1 Synthetic oil, and a full line of Dealer oil and filers for BMW, Mercedes,

Volkswagen Audi and diesel engines. Lube It All also offers tire rotation to extend the life of your car’s tires. If Lube It All doesn’t sell or service that working part that needs attention, you will be advised of their observation and a suggestion will be made for repair or replacement. While the excitement of moving into a new building is on the forefront of their thoughts, Adam Johnson and his crew realize that this great new change is only possible due to the loyalty and patronage of their local customers, over the past 25

years. The customers often stop Adam in local places to say hello, thinking that he recalls each of his customers by name. With the volume of business that

comes through Lube It All, that would be impossible…but chances are he’ll know you by your car and it’s a true testament to Julius’ original philosophy that a contented customer is a repeat customer!

The staff of Lube It All has been working

for the business on an average of 15

years, including Adam’s uncle, Tiny, who

was at Julius’ side when he opened the

shop back in 1987!

When the doors open after the Labor Day weekend, make a point to visit Lube It All’s new location for your end of season oil change and checkup. You’ll be greeted with a smile by one of Eatontown’s longstanding business owners celebrating  a new page in their history….in their new home.


- Paul J. Abrams

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